eCommTalk is a Slack Community created to bring Shopify lovers together.

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It's a place for Shopify enthusiasts to get answers to questions, network with others and make lasting relationships.

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What people are saying about us:

Harley Finkelstein

Harley Finkelstein

CPO at Shopify

"It's so great to be able to connect in real time with others who have the same passion about Shopify as I do. if you like to surround yourself with smart & creative people who are in the Shopify community, join now."

Jamie Sutton

Jamie Sutton

PM Lead at Shopify Plus

"This community has rapidly turned into a thriving Shopify Development hub with some of the best independent Shopify developers, marketers and experts around the world. It's nice to have an instant access think tank about all things Shopify. The amount of e-commerce knowledge here is immeasurable."

Jonathan Poma

Jonathan Poma

Co-Founder at

"This community is already delivering fantastic value. Nowhere else can you get unbiased, honest dialog between Shopify's team, Shopify patners and Shopify brands. The access alone is already paying dividends. I'm honored to be a part of it, and I can't wait to see where it leads."

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What is Slack?

eCommTalk is a Slack chatroom. Watch this video for a bit more explanation if you are still blurry.

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