Join over 1,000 Shopify developers, partners and experts in the biggest private Shopify-centric Slack community.

Need help with theme development? Have an API question? Looking for a new gig in Shopify App development? You’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of joining:
  • Real-time answers to your questions (no more waiting for responses on Stack Overflow or Shopify forums)
  • Tons of active members ready to chat
  • Network and learn from the best Shopify experts
  • Get feedback on your projects
  • Periodic #ama sessions (ask my anything) where we interview Shopify Experts and merchants

For the price of a cup of coffee ☕, get access to an amazing group of Shopify enthusiasts and take your passions to the next level.



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$50/yr (Save 16% Annually)

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Why is there a charge?
The cost helps to cover basic website related costs such as hosting, community management, Mailchimp and Google for Work and most of all to keep community integrity by only inviting those that are dedicated.

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