Interview with Gavin Terrill founder of Zetya

Gavin Terrill knows what it’s like to build on Shopify from the ground up, and has some fantastic advice for those just starting out.

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Interview with Alex Markov - Founder and CEO of Refersion

Alex Markov taught himself to code at a young age. Today, he runs one of the largest referral programs on Shopify and credits his success to hard work and focusing on customer service.

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Interview with Ross Allchorn - designer, entrepreneur, maker and founder of ShopCreatify

Ross Allchorn, entrepreneur and founder of ShopCreatify shares his early struggles with clients, his reasons why he chose Shopify to build his business on, and his advice to budding Shopify developers out there.

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Flow - Save time using work flows to automate small things in your Shopify business so you can get back to growing your sales

Back in April on the Shopify Plus blog, Nick Winkler introduced us all to FLOW. I’m a Shopify fanboy and was very excited.

What is Flow?

Introducing Flow, an automation platform that allows Plus merchants to customize unique backend business work flows without the help of costly developers.

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Shopify App Review - Why I fell in love with MailerLite - The best email software you've probably never heard of

Are you happy with your email platform? I’ve never really LOVED any that I’ve used (constant contact, bronto, Mail Chimp, klaviyo etc) but eventually you find one that works and just make do.

Last night I was searching for a new solution and

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