(formerly known as TalkShopify) is a community built by Shopify lovers, for Shopify lovers. Actually, it was created out of necessity to find other Shopify users to talk with, collaborate with, pose questions to and share stories with.

If you are a developer, designer, store owner, whatever… join us if you are looking for a community of like-minded folks and can also contribute back to the community.

Rules and Community Guidelines

Tyler Durden The first rule of eCommTalk is: you do not talk about eCommTalk. Ha ya right Tyler Durden, you definitely talk about eCommTalk!

The REAL first rule is that all members treat each another with respect. This community is filled with bright, professional and talented people who all can learn from one another.

If you strongly disagree with someones’ opinion, think before you speak and take a moment to reflect before responding.

The quality of this group is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

A little about myself

TJ MapesI’m CTO and Co-Founder of RIPT Apparel, a flash sale website that sells pop culture designs on T-Shirts and more, that are available for only 24 hours and for only $11.00.

I am the founder and moderator of eCommTalk. You can also catch up with me personally over at my blog

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