Talk Shopify was started with one goal in mind… to bring people who use Shopify together. I wanted to build a place where people could go and have their questions answered. I am currently going through the re-platform process for my business RIPT Apparel. To start, naturally I started doing lots of research. Knowing I wanted to offload some of our needs to a ‘boxed’ solution, I researched every thing I could, every platform under the sun. All roads led back to Shopify.

From there, I watched every video tutorial I could find, found testimonials on the Shopify website and Partners websites’ and cold called those people, and read gobs and gobs of blog posts. I researched the API, liquid, SEO and more.

I had so many questions I just thought to myself, A community of legitimate Shopify users that I can literally jump on and ask questions is really what I need. And what I really want. So I started this.

I launched this in about 24 hours and posted it up on Slack Chats and in no time it was off and running. It’s still growing of course but since launch, we’ve had some great folks join so far, and more are joining every day.

I can’t state enough that this wasn’t built for those who want to hard sell. This is a place to educate and share ideas, collaborate and hopefully learn something new. Please don’t join to push your Shopify Apps, sell your SEO services, or anything of that nature. Join because you have a vested interest in what you could take away from the community, and/or what you could contribute to the community.

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